Kim Kardashian

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for VIOLET GREY

Kim Kardashian didn't leave much to the imagination with this skin-baring ensemble!

The 33-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star showed off her ample cleavage and tiny waist in her black, Yiqing Yin cutout jumpsuit Thursday at a Violet Grey beauty event in L.A. At first glance, nothing appeared amiss with her outfit, but upon further inspection, there appeared to be something peculiar taking place right at the boob-area—a nip slip, perhaps, or even a double nip slip?

Well, Kim's particularly perky assets appeared to be firmly in place, but there were distinct flesh-colored areas peeking out that weren't entirely covered by the fabric of her jumpsuit. Although many were quick to shout, "areolas!," if you look closely at the placement, you realize that's anatomically just not possible.

So if not nipples, what? The spots don't have the typical flower-petal edges often found with pasties, but there are a multitude of flesh-colored tapes and adhesives to help give the ladies a little extra lift and/or avoid any actual wardrobe malfunctions!

Most gals have relied on the help of pasties or a stick-on bra before, and while they usually give good results, there's always the potential for a tidbit of shifting here and there. If Kim's support did become visible between the time she got dressed and posed for pics, it's likely that it wouldn't have been noticeable to her or those around her.

But, under the bright lights that come from dozens of camera flashes, the slightest wardrobe indiscretion shows up like whoa.

Not a big deal, though. Who hasn't seen nipple tape at this point?!

Tune-in to a special 90-minute Keeping Up With the Kardashians leading up to Kim's wedding on Sunday, Aug. 31 at 9/8c on E!

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