Robert Pattinson, Ice Bucket Challenge


No social media? No problem.

Hollywood hunk Zac Efron got wet yesterday for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and in turn nominated his famous pal Robert Pattinson. That obviously got fans excited—because who doesn't want to see the Twilight star get dumped on?—but many also wondered how we would see R.Pattz's video. After all, he's not on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Luckily, Efron helped his buddy out and posted the clip for Pattinson, and what we saw is so hilarious and so adorable, we couldn't help but fall in love with Edward Cullen, er, Robert Pattinson's boyish charms all over again.

"Thanks for your nomination, Efron. Thanks very much," Pattinson, wearing a backward cap and white T-shirt, began to say. "I couldn't find a bucket at such short notice, so I had to improvise."

That's when Rob closes his eyes and prepares for the freezing impact, but what happens next is not what you'd expect. Instead of having a huge pour of ice water, someone dumps a saucepan full of just ice cubes on top of his head, which is then followed by a long spray of water from a hose.

But the best part is that it never ends! While poor Rob is trying to say his nominations, he gets red cups and ice cubes thrown at him, as well as surprise sprays from the hose. LOL!

While attempting to dodge all of things being tossed his way, Pattinson manages to say that he nominates co-star Guy Pearce, Mia Wasikowska and Marilyn Manson. "I don't have an Instagram, so you're gonna have to deal with this," he concludes.

We dare you to watch this clip only once.

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