Naturally when Joe Manganiello took E!'s Would You?/Could You? Quickfire Challenge, it got hot up in here real fast!

He came into the E! studios to promote his directorial debut La Bare, a documentary about male dancers at the famous Dallas club, and he gave some insight into what he's like behind closed doors.

We found out he has a soft spot when asked to name his favorite rom-com movie—it features one of America's sweethearts, aww! Also, when he has to "bare" it all, find out if he prefers to do it for a striptease or a sex scene. Either one is muy caliente!

Before we let him go, we had to ask Joe if he would give us one last Alcide growl. He not only obliges, but he gives us a hilarious Arnold Schwarzenegger impression to boot. It's a must watch!

La Bare is available now On Demand—check out the trailer below.

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