Has Tom Cruise ever shied away from a challenge?

The actor and Mission: Impossible 5 director Chris McQuarrie accepted Hugh Jackman's nomination for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Tuesday. With the movie still a few days away from shooting, Cruise said, "Chris and I are also making donations on behalf of every member of our cast and crew who were lucky enough not to be here today." Cruise and McQuarrie were each doused with eight buckets of ice water.

"S--t," Cruise said midway through the challenge. "How much more?"

Nicole Scherzinger accepted publicist Becky Lockett's nomination. The bikini-clad beauty squealed as the water was thrown at her. The "Your Love" singer nominated The-Dream, Kiesza and Tricky Stewart.

That '70s Show alums Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama took co-star Topher Grace's challenge. "This is '70s ice, so it's colder than normal ice," dad-to-be Kutcher joked. "It's been icing since the '70s." Valderrama, who was also nominated by girlfriend Demi Lovato, decided to douse his pal first. Kutcher and Valderrama then asked famous friends Jon Cryer and Robert Rodriguez to either accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or donate $100 to fund amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research projects. At the last minute, Kutcher nominated Dax Shepard. The Parenthood star, who was watching them nearby, ran into the shot and accepted Kutcher's challenge on the spot. Shephard nominated 60 Minutes' Scott Pelley.

The Hollars' Anna Kendrick previously nominated the movie's director, John Krasinski. He filmed the video while on location with his wife, Emily Blunt. While holding a coffee mug in his hand, Krasinski said, "This is the biggest container I could find." Blunt walked by, cool as cucumber, and poured a bucker over her husband's head before walking away like it was an everyday occurrence. Krasinski selected Blunt and Josh Brolin to get showered next. In a separate video, he ambushed his wife as she was unloading grocery bags from the car. "Ice Bucket Challenge!" Krasinski shouted. Blunt replied, "What? What's the Ice Bucket Challenge!" He persisted, shouting, "I challenge you to the Ice Bucket Challenge!" He then told her to reveal the first name that came to her head. "What are you doing?" a soaked Blunt asked.

Other famous faces who took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge included Pretty Little Liars' Troian Bellisario, iZombie's Robert Buckley, The Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham and Hell's Kitchen's Gordon Ramsay.

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