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Looks like a couple of really nice girls to us.

Lindsay Lohan is positively glowing in her latest selfie—and we understand why. The London stage-bound actress, back in New York for the time being, apparently ran into Mean Girls writer and co-star Tina Fey today, and who wouldn't be thrilled by that?!

"Lovely running into an inspiring, funny, beautiful old friend!!!! #tinafey," Lindsay, whose role in Mean Girls catapulted her to super-stardom 10 years agocaptioned the cute photo.

Not that it's been 10 years since they last saw each other, of course. They both appeared on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show debut in February, and the very fact that they were in the same room got fans excited, even though Fey later had to assure folks that they were just talking 10-year reunion possibilities, not sequel possibilities.

Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey

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Fey, who was still best known for Saturday Night Live when she penned the bitingly funny 2004 comedy, said last year that the hit film always reminded her of "beautiful, healthy Lindsay Lohan."

And happily, that's who appears to be right next to her in this pic.

Lohan has lately been spending most of her time in England, where she's gearing up to make her West End stage debut in David Mamet's Speed-The-Plow, premiering Sept. 24 at London's Playhouse Theatre.

"I've always wanted to do theater and I love doing things live," the 28-year-old recently told London's Daily Mail. "I don't act in a way that I do a lot of takes so it's something different for me and it's much more respected over here and I wasn't in a place in the past where I could have done that.

"With that being said now I'm in a position where I want the diligent schedule, I want to do something different and have people see me as an actress on stage and that's all they see because I got into this to be an actress. I think a lot of people have a misconception of me due to situations I put myself in, things that have been made up about me or manifested and I got into this to be an actress and you know I like to create, to write, I eventually want to direct."

Lindsay Lohan


And yes, she's freaking out just a bit.

"I think it's just the idea of when it starts, on opening night, that's what makes me the most nervous," the Hollywood veteran admitted. "I'll probably mess up on the first night just out of fear. 

"I'm excited about the rehearsals, I'm going to be nervous at first obviously, even in the rehearsals. But I think the more I get comfortable on the stage in rehearsals, the better it will be. I'm nervous for the show. I'm scared."

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