Bill Cosby isn't slowing down—in life or in the bedroom!

On Monday's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the TV icon revealed that while he didn't get birthday cake, he did get birthday sex, or as he more charmingly phrased it, "I got my wife!"

But Cosby, who turned 77 last month, warned the late-night host, 39, that one day, he, too, might come across "the most frightening thing that you can hear from your wife on your birthday when you are carrying on..."

That, he explained, "is to hear your wife, who is seven years younger than you, say, 'Keep going.'"

Bill Cosby, Jimmy Fallon


Fallon burst into giggles at this, but he wasn't off the hook! Cosby wanted the Tonight Show host to provide sound effects for his sexy-time story, but Fallon didn't quite grasp the confusing directions he was given involving a handful of pens in a wooden container.

Cosby was jokingly impatient and retold his tale of B-day intimacy—verbatim, almost—and waited for Fallon to make a dropping sound as instructed. When this didn't happen, Cosby theatrically got down on the floor, prompting Fallon to ask with worry, "Is this for real?"

Fortunately, Cosby was just joking around! He did take on more of a mock serious tone with "James John Thomas Fallon" over his frequent impersonations of him. "I heard you doing it again," he said, and when the late-night host tried to explain, Cosby exclaimed, "You're interrupting me!"

This got Fallon back in his seat—for a hot second. As Cosby continued to address the audience, Fallon launched into his best impersonation of him while standing, literally, right behind him. The two continued their playful banter, with Cosby once again asking Fallon to produce a sound effect. When he achieved the desired result, Cosby said jokingly, "Let's hear it for little Jimmy going to third grade now!"

Watch the clips above to see Cosby and Fallon's hilarious back-and-forth for yourself!

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