Katie Holmes Goes Badass as Gun-Toting Vigilante, Kills Lots of People in Miss Meadows—Watch Now!

Actress plays a school teacher with a very dark secret

By Marc Malkin Aug 19, 2014 7:09 PMTags
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Get ready for a very badass Katie Holmes!

In the upcoming Miss Meadows, the actress plays a prim and proper elementary school teacher who also happens to be a gun-toting vigilante.

Yup, you read that right--a gun-toting vigilante!

A new trailer for the film (out in late November) opens with Holmes skipping down a small town street in a white and pink floral dress, white gloves, tap shoes and a small purse.

"I just have to say, Miss Meadows, it is such a pleasure having you in the neighborhood," co-star Mary Kay Place gushes over a white picket fence. "Ever since you've moved here, things just feel different."

Holmes replies, "For the better, I hope."

Cut to a man who has been shot in the head.

The trailer also shows Holmes telling her young students, "The most important things in life are kindness and courage."

In a voiceover, she says, "There are bad people in the world and they shouldn't be around the good people, especially the little ones."

Go, Katie!

In a very Dirty Harry-esque snippet, a robber has slaughtered everyone in a fast food restaurant. When he turns his gun on Holmes, she whips out her tiny handgun and growls, "That is so not an option!"

And then bam!

Written and directed by Karen Leigh Hopkins, the movie also stars James Badge Dale and Jean Smart. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April.

For more of Miss Meadows, check out the entire trailer below.

Watch: See Katie Holmes in "Miss Meadows" Trailer