In this installment of E!'s Would You?/Could You? Quickfire Challenge, we put the Let's Be Cops co-stars Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson in the hot seat.

 They're roommates on New Girl and faux cop partners in the new comedy, but did you know they're good friends in real life?! We caught up with the guys while on a break from their press day for the film and found out how well they know each other.

 We learned [the surprising "truth" about what Jake is wearing under his clothes and his hilarious, but hopefully not truthful, pickup line—it involves magic!

When Jake turned the tables on Damon, we found out what he would considering doing for money. Spoiler alert: Dancing is involved!

To learn more revealing fun facts, check out the clip from E!'s Would You?/Could You? Quickfire Challenge! Let's Be Cops is in theaters now.

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