Did Lena Dunham Really Get a Platinum Blond Bowl Cut? Take a Look!

"Change is good," the actress captioned the snapshot

By Bruna Nessif Aug 16, 2014 1:53 AMTags
Lena Dunham, InstagramInstagram

Lena Dunham, is that you?!

The Girls star shocked fans tonight by debuting an extremely different and new 'do on Instagram. Parting ways with her brunette tresses, Dunham decided to switch up and go to the dark light side by dyeing her short locks platinum blond. But that's not all—she also went old school and got a bowl cut, too!

(Getting flashbacks from those yearbook photos, aren't you? It's OK, you're not alone.)

She simply captioned the selfie, "change is good."

But the real question now is...did Lena Dunham really do all that to her hair? Or is she just wigging out?

Celebs are notorious for fooling fans on hairstyles that aren't actual 'dos, however, Dunham could have changed it up if she wanted to (and she seems like the type of person to go for a drastic makeover out of nowhere).

The actress tweeted that the cast has officially finished shooting the latest season of Girls. "That's a wrap on season 4 of @girlsHBO- more love for this cast and crew than my little heart can contain! CC: @campsucks."

Hm, what do you think? Is Lena for real or is she pullin' our leg?