Plastic surgery and body modification is very common these days with people striving to attain the perfect look, whether it be to mimic their favorite celebrity or mask their own insecurities. But have you heard about living dolls?

On Society X: Living Dolls, investigative journalist Laura Ling takes us into the strange world of living dolls—people who spend elaborate amounts of time and money, sometimes even undergoing risky surgical procedures, to live their lives like plastic dolls.

"They call themselves part of 'dolly culture' and are getting plastic surgery and more extreme procedures to look like a doll," Lisa said. "These people are a bit more unique but we're seeing more and more people wanting to emulate dolls over time."

Watch the clip above to see  Emily Smith's incredible transformation from an ordinary woman into a life-size doll!

Some of the more extreme cases that Lisa will be profiling in the special will include Blondie Bennet, a woman who undergoes hypnotherapy in order to achieve a vacant personality—just like that of a Barbie doll.

"The fact that we have these images in the media of beauty associated with Barbie and Ken coupled with the technology for people to have these surgeries is a growing trend," Lisa pointed out. "The people I interviewed were just so extreme that I was taken aback. They look very plastic and for some, that's what they're going for. I commented to Justin Jedlica that he didn't look particularly real to me. He looked almost like a figurine."

 What's even more shocking is the fact that certain plastic surgeons are willing to submit to their patients' outrageous requests by performing these dangerous procedures.

"We're living in an age where plastic surgery has become so commonplace and the bottom line is that it's an extremely lucrative industry," Lisa pointed out. "In such a society, there are always going to be doctors who perform procedures when it may not seem the most ethical. Rodrigo Alves underwent a procedure in Brazil that went horribly wrong and he lost the feeling in his arms for two weeks and could have died. These are big risks that these people are taking but they're willing to do it to achieve this certain look."

Watch the clip above to see Rodrigo show off his doll-like physique and to hear his shocking revelation!

Tune-in to Society X: LIving Dolls tonight at 8/7c on E!

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