15 Things That Would Never Get Done Without the "Mom" of Your Friend Group

Without the friends who sometimes act like our mothers, we may have difficulty doing these 17 things

By Elizabeth Freda Aug 14, 2014 7:02 PMTags

We all have that one friend in our group we call "mom" (no matter how much it angers them, or our real mothers). He or she keeps our s--t together when we're incapable of doing so and, if we're being honest, we'd be lost without them.

Here are 15 things that would never get done without "mom":

1. It would take a lot longer for the dishes and laundry to get done.

If they ever got done.

2. Plans would never actually happen, because everyone would be arguing. The mom of the group keeps everyone calm and makes sure everyone's needs are met.

3. No one would be prepared with a purse full of Band-Aids, ChapStick, tissues, eye drops and other emergency items.

4. Who would bring you soup and take care of you when you're feeling sick?

5. And who would pick up that little gift they saw in the window just because it reminded them of you?

6. Your group would never make it out the door on time, because no one would be there to round up the troops.

7. Advice would be hard to come by without a "mom." Not to mention, it would be difficult to find someone to listen to you complain for an hour straight.

8. If you wanted to stay in on a Friday night, you might be the only one. A true "mom" would stay in with you and keep you company.

9. There would be no one on the receiving end of your "I made it home safe!" text.

Actually, would anyone even bother asking you to shoot them one of those texts?

10. Who's going to be there to say yes to all of your ridiculous ideas?

No one is as big of a pushover as your "mom."

11. Splitting the bill and figuring out how much to tip would be nearly impossible, not to mention a complete mess, without a "mom" at the table to bust out her calculator and do the math.

12. If there's no "mom" sitting in the driver's seat of the car, no one will throw his or her arm across your chest in the passenger seat when the car comes to a screeching halt.

They learned this from real moms.

13. Who's going to have the tough conversations with customer service when you're trying to cancel your cable subscription? Who is going to shamelessly send your burger back when you realize it's undercooked? The mom of your friend group, that's who.

14. The friend group mom always wants a photo to capture that one time you were all finally reunited in one place. No one's going to initiate such a photo without him or her.

15. And, most importantly, who is going to be overly protective and thoroughly vet your next significant other?

Your "mom," that's who.

Shouts to all the friend group moms out there, dragging home their drunk "kids" and tucking them into bed (on their sides with a bucket next to the bed, of course). We love you.