Muppets, Beastie Boys, Whatcha Want


There are cover songs, and then there are Muppets cover songs…dun, dun, DUN! But no, really, the Muppets make everything better, right?!

Mylo the Cat, the Swedish Chef, Animal and Beaker are all bringing us the joy of watching them perform a shortened version of the Beastie Boys classic hit "So What'cha Want." It's magical, you guys.

This certainly isn't the first time that the lovable puppets are jamming to the beat and singing along to famous songs, but it just might be our favorite.

The visuals for the cover were actually originally paired with a Muppet-tastic version of "Danny Boy," but now it seems it's been trumped by the Beastie jam.

So do yourselves a favor, sit back, relax and check out the Muppets breaking it down for us and giving a whole new spin on the unforgettable single.

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