Are you incapable of finding a few tree branches in nature? Do you not own any aluminum foil or string? Do you have trouble arranging twigs in a small pile? If so, Free People has just the decorative branch cluster for you for the low price of $28! Don't hesitate, call now!

Free People Sun Sticks

Free People

Yes, you have understood correctly. The popular clothing brand is selling a bundle of twigs called "Sun Sticks" for $28, and people have bought them until there are only two left in stock.

Maybe you have a lot of trouble with arts and crafts. Maybe you received a Free People gift card from your witchy Aunt Ramona and want to spite her by spending it on a pile of sticks. We don't know your motives, but you're out there and you've spent $28 (plus shipping and handling) on some driftwood. Just know we're judging you a little bit.

Cosmic Sticks

In case $28 feels a little cheap and you think Free People deserves a larger cut for their creative use of Mother Nature, the "Cosmic Stick" pictured above sells for $68.

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