Men Have Hopped on the "Makeup Transformations" Bandwagon With Hysterical Results

“Makeup Transformations” are trending and men have started creating their own hysterical looks, too

By Elizabeth Freda Aug 13, 2014 7:42 PMTags
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If you saw us in the morning before we put on our makeup, you'd be amazed by our #MakeupTransformation, too.

But we're not the only ones turning into brand-new people with a little contouring. The Internet has found a new trend to latch onto and it comes in the form of "Makeup Transformation," where people quite literally turn themselves into someone new with some foundation and eyeliner.

It started with women posting one picture of themselves sans makeup and another photo with their done-up faces, usually collaged together. However, as things usually do on the Internet, the trend has spun a little out of control and men have taken it upon themselves to post their own transformations.

Some of them realize the importance of lighting and special effects.

Sometimes, it's all about the angles.

Many of these men realize the power of a few simple wardrobe similarities.

A good haircut can go a long way.

Accessorizing can be very critical. Just ask these guys.

A lot of these guys look legitimately baffled by the products they're using. "What is this sorcery?" they ask. They prevail nonetheless.

But most people seem to just be throwing some sunblock on and grazing a pencil over their face.

Straight up, some of these are just downright impressive. (Yes, we realize one of these users is a woman, but her transformation is far too impressive to leave floating around the Twitterverse).

A lot of these are scarily accurate. Few of them actually use makeup to create their #MakeupTransformations, but we still applaud the efforts. Remember, gentlemen: sunscreen is not foundation and eyeliner should not be applied to the cheekbones.

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