You Will Never Listen to Madonna's "Vogue" the Same Way Again After This Heartbreaking Revelation

After the passing of Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall, everyone name-dropped in the song is no longer alive

By Jenna Mullins Aug 13, 2014 5:45 PMTags

We hate to bum you guys out more, especially considering this week has already been tragic enough for everyone, but there is something about one of Madonna's most famous songs that you need to know about.

After the passing of Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall on Tuesday, every single one of the infamous celebs name-dropped in the song "Vogue" are no longer with us.

Madonna pays tribute to all the faces from Hollywood's Golden Age, from Greta Garbo to Bette Davis in the dance floor tune, and now, 24 years after the song was originally released, we have said goodbye to every last one of them.

Of course, many of them had already passed by the time the song came out, but more than half of them were still alive when the Material Girl sang about their "style," "grace" and "good face." The single hit the airwaves in March of 1990, and just one month later, Greta Garbo passed away.

As first noticed by Marci Robin on Twitter, the great Lauren Bacall was the last one from the song we lost. So if "Vogue" is the anthem for the lost glamour of Old Hollywood, it officially has a whole new meaning.

Here are all the stars that get a nod in "Vogue," along with their date of death, in order of their appearance in the song:

Greta Garbo: April 15, 1990
Marilyn Monroe: August 5 1962
Marlene Dietrich: May 6, 1992
Joe DiMaggio: March 8, 1999
Marlon Brando: July 1, 2004
James Dean: September 30, 1955
Grace Kelly: September 14, 1982
Jean Harlow, June 7, 1937
Gene Kelly: February 2, 1996
Fred Astaire: June 2, 1987
Ginger Rogers: April 25, 1995
Rita Hayworth: May 14, 1987
Lauren Bacall: August 12, 2014
Katharine Hepburn: June 29, 2003
Lana Turner: June 29, 1995
Bette Davis: October 6, 1989

Farewell, ladies with an attitude and fellows that were in the mood.

(H/T Slate)