Kim Kardashian "Frustrated" With Rob Kardashian, Talks Beyoncé and Jay Z Rumors—Watch Now

Kanye West's wife gets candid with Andy Coheny on Watch What Happens Live

By Rebecca Macatee Aug 13, 2014 2:59 PMTags

Kim Kardashian is using some "tough love" on brother Rob Kardashian!

On Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star admitted that while Rob is "one of my best friends," she's getting "frustrated" with him.

"If I don't like something that's going on in my life, I change it, and I don't sit and complain about it for a year," said Kim, 33. "I'm just a different personality, so I try to encourage him."

Kim also made it clear that what we see on Keeping Up With the Kardashians doesn't necessarily portray 27-year-old Rob's entire story, explaining, "When you film so much and he's not on that much, you only see the juicy parts."

As for the whole Rob missing out on Kim's wedding to Kanye West? "There was no fight," said North West's mama. "I just thought, this is my day, I'm not even going to worry about it. I hope he's OK."

"I totally understand that he wouldn't want to see a lot of people if he was feeling uncomfortable," she went on. "You can only pray and wish that someone would not miss out on any more memories in life, because life is about memories. So, fix the problem—that's just how I am."

Speaking of problems, Kim was asked to weigh in on what she thought about the rumored troubles in Beyoncé and Jay Z's marriage. So does Kanye's wife think Blue Ivy's parents are on the way out? "Oh, I don't know," she said. "You just always hope that nothing like that's true, and you just wish them the best."

Diplomatic answer, doll! Really, though, Kim's too busy with her own life to worry about other people's drama. Because, she confirmed on Bravo's WWHL that she and 'Ye are "trying" for baby No. 2, adding, "We're having fun trying!"

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