The Real Housewives of New York: Aviva Insists Her Leg-Throwing Incident Wasn't Planned, and We Think She's an Evil Genius

What did the women really think of Aviva throwing her prosthetic leg? They all weighed in on tonight's final installment of the season 6 reunion!

By Lauren Piester Aug 13, 2014 3:05 AMTags
RHONY, The Real Housewives of New York CityMichael Lavine/Bravo

Aviva, Aviva, Aviva. If this season hadn't officially solidified you in our minds as our new favorite crazy person, tonight's final reunion episode absolutely did.

First, after spouting something like "at least I'm not 50," she tried to make up for it by saying she actually thought Carole was older than 50, which is apparently a compliment in Aviva's delusional world.

That was weird enough, but of course, Andy Cohen saved the best topic for (almost) last: What on earth was up with Aviva throwing her prosthetic leg during the season finale?

"What made you take your leg off and throw it, Aviva?" asked Andy, and we wondered if anyone would ever ask a better question than that.

While Sonja turned red with laughter, Aviva explained that she just wanted the "shrews" to shut up, and since none of her words were working, she decided to bang her leg on the table. It worked! Or at least it made everyone jump out of their seats. Suddenly, we're wishing we had a removable limb to use in situations like these. Is Aviva maybe not crazy? Might she actually be a genius? Should we all get an extra, removable arm to use like a gavel in a courtroom?

In the moment, the other women had reacted as if Aviva had taken off her actual leg. In hindsight, every one of them is a comedian.

"I mean, I've heard of throwing the towel in, but…" said Sonja.

"You really put your foot in your mouth this time!" offered LuAnn.

Kristen gave it a try, too. "I put her foot in my mouth!"

Perhaps to cover up Kristen's dud, Sonja tried again. "Usually you throw your towel in, not your leg!"

Andy was very impressed by all of the one-liners, but Aviva just couldn't understand why a fake leg would make Kristen want to vomit.

"I honestly forgot that you had a prosthetic leg, and I am not kidding you," Kristen explained. "You barely talked about it at all this season… I'm like, having a conversation, and there's this leg on the table."

Andy then asked another million dollar question: Did Aviva plan to take off her leg that night?

She immediately denied that it was pre-meditated, but the other ladies didn't seem to believe her for some strange reason. But Aviva can take her leg off in five seconds, and only she knows where the button is!

"You can't pay for that kind of drama in your restaurant," LuAnn told Andy when he asked if Aviva would be allowed back into Le Cirque, "People are gonna come just because they heard that's where the leg was on the table."

As usual, LuAnn probably speaks the truth, and we cannot wait for next season!