Talk about a surprise appearance!

Ryan Adams released his brand new music video for "Gimme Something Good" early Tuesday morning featuring the one and only Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

The black-and-white video was spooky to begin with as Adams rocked out in a dark, rundown mansion. Things got crazier, however, when Elvira appeared nearby to embrace the singer.

"Check out yours cruelly giving @TheRyanAdams unpleasant dreams in his new music video, 'Gimme Something Good,'" she Tweeted with a link to the video.  

Ryan Adam


Wearing her signature cleavage-revealing black dress, Elvira blows out candles, dances near skulls and eventually hugs Adams as she stares directly into the camera. Stop creeping us out, Elvira!  

Along the way, director Michael Reich pays tribute to classic TV shows like Fright Night and Movie Macabre.  

"Gimme Something More" is the lead single from Adams' 14 studio album. The self-titled disk is available beginning Sept. 9. 

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