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If you didn't 'gram it, did it really happen?

When it comes to summer, we won't lie: A lot of our plans are decided based on whether or not there's a bonus opportunity to get a really effing great Instagram. Deciding where to go for dinner is a breeze (some restaurants simply cater more to filtered photos, pun intended) and doing anything during sunset is a no-brainer.

If you didn't post these 17 Instagrams, did you even have a summer?

1. The Beach Pic

Because the beach is a staple of any good summer. Without it, you are no one. Plain and simple. (Lake beaches count.)

2. The Ferris Wheel Pic

Something about a carnival screams good vibes and good weather (and a lot of creepy carnies). Ferris wheels seem like a thrilling and romantic idea at the time, until you're stuck in a bucket suspended in the air with a bunch of strangers and running out of conversation topics. They make for nice contrast photos, though...

3. The Outdoor Movie Pic

If you're not doing everything outside, you're not living like it's summer. Want to craft? Do it outside. Want to nap? Forget the comforts of your home and go outside. And don't you dare consider wasting your time in a dark theater.

4. The Ice Cream Cone Pic

Or some other form of a frozen treat (extra points if you're refreshing with a snowcone aka the stuff of childhood dreams).

5. The Concert Pic

Oh, you didn't go to a concert? You must not know it's summer. Or you just hate everything good in the world. Which one is it?

6. The Lobster Roll Pic

This nosh has been strangely sweeping the nation, sparking lobster roll spinoffs at restaurants everywhere. You better have indulged in one of these suckers if you're trying to gain some foodie followers.

7. The Reading Outside Pic

To show your intelligent side, of course. It says: "Look everyone, I'm doing more with my free time than binge-watching Netflix!" Pat yourself on the back.

8. The Hiking Pic

Because everyone knows hiking is the cool way to get in shape nowadays. All the celebs are doing it, so you should be, too. If you didn't get a picture at the peak, you might as well have just skipped the entire thing altogether. 

9. The Tanning Pic

This one earns you extra points in real life. For anyone who doesn't follow you on Instagram, they'll know of your ~flirty 'n' fun~ summer by your bronzed skin and/or freckles.

10. The Healthy Meal Pic

Avocados, quinoa and salmon, oh my! Did we mention they're all locally farmed? 

11. The Pets Pic

If you're not a fan of animals, we may not be a fan of you. Some of our most-liked Instagrams to this day are of our dogs. You should never feel bad exploiting your pet for likes. Especially during the summer.

12. The Sunset Pic

Yet another staple of any good summer on Instagram. Bonus points if you capture it in a creative and artsy way! Just make sure the saturation is cranked all the way up and your caption quote game is strong.

13. The Fourth of July Pic

Summer means a celebration of 'Merica. Pick from one of the following common Fourth of July Instagrams to secure those likes: (A) fireworks, (B) a popsicle, (C) America-themed clothing/nails, or (D) a waving flag. Use a combination of these for maximum "like" potential. 

14. The Baseball Pic

An American tradition. No summer would be complete without a little romp at the ballpark. Show your followersespecially that bro you Insta-stalkthat you do, indeed, enjoy this phenomenon called "sports."

15. The Work Pic

"Hey guys, even though we're working our butts off under artificial lights, we still love what we do!" *weep softly onto keyboard as friends Snapchat from the beach*

16. The Nature Pic

Finding beauty in the little things is a gift from above. You should showcase said gift on the best artistic forum possible: Instagram.

17. The Inspirational Quote Pic

To show all the haters you're an intellectual and thoughtful person.

If your Instagram game isn't on point, don't worry. You still have all of August to catch up.

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