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North West looks like a mini-Kim Kardashian, but she's got some things in common with papa Kanye West, too!

On Tuesday's Today show, Kim told Matt Lauer that just "like her dad," Nori "definitely isn't shy!" Then again, she's not exactly ready to take the mic either, or as mom put it, "she does not wanna perform!"

"If you ask her to do anything on command—like clap [or] walk, she shuts down," said the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star laughingly. "But, she's really sweet—she's a mama's girl. [That's] the phase she's going through now."

Kim also said since getting married to 'Ye in Florence, their relationship definitely "does feel different," but she saw "more of a change in him" when baby Nori was born last year.

Not only did the rapper "soften up," but he also readjusted his priorities. Kim explained, "Since he's become a dad, everything is, just, if this doesn't make sense for our family, I'm not even gonna waste my time doing it."

Aww! Kim also talked about her and Yeezus' plans to expand their brood, saying she "would love two more, but we'll see!"

"Of course,i would love to have another child," she clarified. "I'm gonna have one more and see what it's like."

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