This Video of Robin Williams Talking With Daughter Zelda About the Origin of Her Name Represents Everything We'll Miss About Him

Late actor and comedian obviously so cherished his time with his kids

By Jenna Mullins Aug 12, 2014 9:24 PMTags

There are so many amazing videos of the great Robin Williams that fans can watch to be reminded why he is being so intensely mourned after his tragic death. There are comedy routines that will leave you with an ache in your stomach like you just did a hundred sit-ups because you were laughing so hard. There are monologues from his great dramatic roles that are a master class in finding the perfect balance between comedic timing and dramatic delivery, a feat that Robin Williams could do better than anyone.

But the video that hit us hardest wasn't a stand-up act, or bits from his character roles, or even the astounding uncut version of Williams on Inside the Actors Studio. It was this video of Robin and his daughter, Zelda, talking about the origin of her name.

For those of you who didn't know, Robin Williams was a serious, avid gamer. And he loved The Legend of Zelda franchise, so much so he named his daughter after the title character. In the video, he and his daughter reminisce about the game in a silly and endearing interview that we can't stop watching.


What hurts the most about the video is not the fact that we will never see Robin's brand of comedy again, but it's his ease and obviously adoration he has for his daughter. In another video promoting Ocarina of Time 3D coming to Nintendo 3DS, he jokingly confuses his daughter with the actual Princess Zelda. Why? Because they're "both pretty magical."

So if you are watching Robin Williams footage to help you deal with his death, we highly recommend you watch this one. It has everything we know you'll miss about the actor: silliness, heart, comedy and of course, love for the people who meant the most to him.

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