Megan Fox is a devoted mother of two, but according to Chelsea Handler, she doesn't look like the typical mom. "I don't look at you and think, 'Oh, this is a girl who wants to have a family," she joked.

Fox made a face at Handler, who admitted that her joke "was offensive."

During the actress' Chelsea Lately appearance Monday, she talked about her new life as a married mom. "You don't really have a life. You're home a lot. You don't sleep," Fox said. "Every minute is sort of dedicated to someone else. You don't even get to poop alone—you have to take the babies with you."

What about husband Brian Austin Green? "No, he lets me poop in private," Fox told Handler.

The couple, who've been together 10 years, don't even get alone time at night. According to Fox, their 22-month-old son Noah sleeps in between them in bed. "Brian isn't a fan of this situation," she shared.

Handler asked when "penetration" happens, to which Fox replied, "Really only that one time, and that's where my second baby came from." She added, "I don't recommend letting the baby sleep in the bed."

Fox isn't actively planning to have any more kids. Instead, she's leaving it up to fate.

Handler then asked if Fox and Green ever stay at hotels and have parents-only date nights. "We did that one time and we made sure I wasn't ovulating because I didn't want to get pregnant again. Sorry! Too much information," the 28-year-old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress said. "But we did that once."

Typical date nights are less romantic. "We go for sushi and a movie," Fox said.

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