Burger King Brought Back Chicken Fries and Everyone Is Freaking the Hell Out

Fast food joint recently announced the return of the famed menu item, but only for a limited time

By Jenna Mullins Aug 11, 2014 9:20 PMTags
Burger King Chicken FriesBurger King

Let's all agree that the highest amount of joy you can feel is when you or your significant other or someone you love gives birth to their first child. Think about the magnitude and purity of that joy.

OK, now right above that is the joy everyone is currently feeling about Burger King bringing back Chicken Fries. It's like BK gave birth to a fast food menu item we loved so dearly and lost, and the world is rejoicing.

And why shouldn't they be?! Chicken Fries are back! But only for a limited time, so we're just going to ignore that and stay in denial land where the Chicken Fries never run out and the drive-thru line is always free and clear.

The BK Lounge (we actually cannot resist the Dane Cook reference and we are so sorry), launched Chicken Fries back in 2005, but they were sadly cut from the menu in 2012. The company says they decided to put them on the menu again after seeing numerous online petitions and requests/demands on Twitter.

The Internet works! Finally.

So needless to say, everyone is super hashtag blessed that they get to eat Chicken Fries again.

What a great day for fans of deep fried chicken tenders in the shape of creepy, skinny fingers!