Zach Levi, Chris Pratt

NBC, Getty Images

Shut the chuck up, Chris Pratt was almost Chuck?!

In an interview with Hitfix, which was conducted solely to discuss the awesomeness of Pratt after Guardians of the Galaxy's box office domination, Chuck creator Josh Schwartz revealed he actually wanted Star-Lord as the NBC cult hit's leading man after working with him on The O.C.'s final season. (Oh hey, Che!)

"He was the first guy I wanted to play 'Chuck'. But as fate would have it, he was destined to guard the galaxy, not the Buy More," Schwartz revealed. "And might I add, couldn't happen to a nicer guy."

Of course, the role eventually went to one of Hollywood's other nicest guys, Zachary Levi, and honestly, we just can't imagine anyone else in the role of our beloved Chuck Bartowski. And Levi also happens to be a Marvel man himself, playing Fandral in Thor 2. So happy endings all around!

But this Chuck-off isn't the first surprising role reveal we've recently heard of.

In fact, at Comic-Con, Evangeline Lilly revealed to us that Cobie Smulders was almost Kate on Lost, and it recently got out that Katie Holmes almost starred on Orange Is the New Black

"She had other things to do," executive producer Jenji Kohan told E! News of Holmes ultimately not heading to Litchfield prison. "And also in the beginning, no one knew what this was."

To check out more amazing TV roles that almost went to other actors, click through our mind-blowing gallery below. 

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