Liam Neeson, Sam Heughan, Sean Connery

Getty Images

Everyone's new favorite TV obsession is Starz's Outlander, and it's not all that difficult to understand why.

Leading man Sam Heughan, who plays Scottish dreamboat Jamie Fraser, isn't really that hard to look at. (He doesn't completely offend our eyes or anything.) And his accent? Swoon!

But did you know that Jamie could've looked a lot different had Outlander been made into a movie a long time ago? That's right, we might never have discovered our new favorite Scottish import, since Liam Neeson and Sean Connery were almost considered as Outlander's leading men!

We went behind the scenes of Outlander to bring you 16 fascinating facts, including which movie stars were first in contention, precisely what the men wear under their kilts, whose job it is to rub oil on Sam Heughan (seriously!), and more more. Click below!

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