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Savannah Guthrie is excited about becoming a mommy soon, but she's not the only one!

Of course, her hubby, Mike Feldman, family, Today family and friends are looking forward to meeting her little bundle of joy, too, but so are many of the celebrities Savannah has interviewed!

Monday was her last day at Today before taking off for maternity leave, and many star mamas had some parenting advice to send her on her way. Heidi Klum, a mom of four, told Savannah, "Just listen to the baby, because the baby will tell you what you need. When they're hungry, they're gonna cry. When they need their diaper changed, they're gonna cry. When they want to be cuddled or loved, they're gonna cry. After a while, you just hear the difference."

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Kate Winslet's words of wisdom? "Enjoy every minute of it and don't lose the baby weight too fast! It will only drive you crazy. Enjoy it absolutely."

Megan Fox told Savannah not to fret over getting any "cute clothes for babies, because they spit up and are getting wet constantly and never have it on for more than five seconds."

Her suggestion? "Just buy a bunch of white onesies, like 100 of those and you're good to go."

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Plenty of other star mommies and Today viewer mommies doled out tips and tricks for Savannah (they've all been compiled on, and she's beyond appreciative.

"I want you to know I felt every hug and treasured every moment of kindness," she wrote on her "Goodbye, for now" Today blog. "There is something so amazing and uplifting about getting to witness how people can be so genuinely joyful for another human being – for no other reason than their goodness. Their kindness says far more about them, and their good hearts, than it does about me. In a society that can sometimes be cruel or caustic or cynical, what a ray of light."

"At 42 years old, I had every reason to think I may have missed my chance," she wrote. "I don't know why things worked out as they did. But there is only one possible response: to be full of gratitude and praise, and to point to the source of this incredible blessing."

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Savannah Guthrie, Baby Shower, Today Show

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Aw! Savannah also sent "a big hug" to everyone who'd shared their kind words and promised "to share any baby news on TODAY in the coming days!"

We can't wait!

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