Maisie Williams


Man, we feel old.

Nothing like a 17-year-old saying she's never watched Saved by the Bell to really drive home the point that we are no longer considered young. And the 17-year-old just so happens to be Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, which does nothing to soften the blow.

Williams, along with some other teenage hooligans, appears in a new YouTube video from The Fine Brothers, where they all just react to videos, photos, plots and fashion from the iconic '90s series. (And not to sound like our mothers, but some of their get-ups could've easily been seen on Zack and the gang's back in the day. Just check out Williams' hat.)

And in the video, which was for Saved by the Bell's 25th anniversary (!), Williams (aka Arya Stark) admits she's never seen the show, but is quite a fan of the opening credits.

VIDEO: Watch an exclusive promo for Lifetime's Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story TV movie now!

"Why don't we have intros like this anymore?" Williams asks, while dancing along to the catchy theme song. 

Though she hasn't watched the show, Williams still weighed in on the greatest debate of the '90s: Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) or A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez)? Zack, obviously. (She later calls one of his ploys "creepy," but it is unclear if this changed her vote.)

Oh, and she reacts to the infamous "I'm so excited, I'm so scared!" scene. Arya Stark feels some feelings, y'all! (Some of the other teens were really "touched," too.) Hm...we wonder if Williams will tune into Lifetime's TV movie The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story next month?

If you want to feel old and hear these youth-stealers make fun of Saved by the Bell, watch the video above.

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