The latest addition to Miley Cyrus' entourage is a total pig—really!

Meet Bubba Sue, the singer's pint-sized piglet and "newest member to the fam." Miley introduced her new addition Sunday on Instagram, posting multiple pics of herself snuggling up and smooching her brand new "child."

So far, this little lady (or fella? Tough to be sure with a name like Bubba Sue) is fitting right in with Miley's high-rolling lifestyle. Several snaps showed the "piggy on a PJ" (which stands for private jet) and Bubba Sue getting some puppy kisses from Emu, who himself just joined the Bangerz fam in June.

As you can see, Miley is already smitten with her tiny swine. The "Happiest mommy ever" showed off Bubba Sue's painted red nails hooves and joked that another snap showed off her and the piglet's "matching neck rolls."

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Bubba Sue isn't the first pig 'round these parts! Paris Hilton, Tori Spelling and Reese Witherspoon have pampered pigs in the past, but the most high-profile porker so far has been George Clooney's beloved potbellied pig Max.

The nearly 300-lb. pig lived with the Oscar winner for 18 years, up until his 2006 death. After his passing in 2006, George told USA Today that "Max, the star" had been "a big part of my life."

But would he ever get another pig? "No," he said. "I think Max covered all my pig needs."

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