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True Blood's almost over, guys! There are only two episodes left before we have to say goodbye to Bon Temps forever, and it's clear that it's not going to be easy, since tonight was full of sad goodbyes. Elsewhere on TV, Big Brother's big alliance seemed to implode, while the The Real Housewives of New Jersey continued to have it out about anything and everything (plus chickens). Plus, Witches of East End finally started to do something about that sex monster, which is probably good. Read on to find out more!

True Blood: We first said farewell to Violet. She was just about to torture Wade, Adilyn, Jessica, and Jason with things like "breast rippers" and a fiery dildo when her villainous speechifying was interrupted by Hoyt shooting her in the back with a wooden bullet. Au revoir, Violet!

 We also said goodbye to sexytimes between Jessica and Jason, who very sweetly decided they were better off with a beautiful friendship, leaving from for Hoyt and Jessica rekindle their obvious love, and for Jason to most likely end up with Bridget.

Lettie Mae and Lafayette were finally able to let go of Tara after tripping out one last time and understanding that Tara just wants her mother to stop blaming herself, so apparently Tara really is dead.

Somebody else who might soon be dead? Bill. Eric used Sarah to cure himself, and with help from Sookie, Bill could have easily been cured, too. However, when offered the chance, Bill refused, clearly ready to die.  

Big Brother: Are the Detonators dead? Can it be true? While it seemed that Nicole was the one in trouble tonight, everything flipped when she and Christine won HoH. Frankie swore he and Christine would switch to her side, and they should put the four other Detonator guys on the block. Zach also went to Nicole, offering an alliance, and she told him of Frankie's plan, killing Zankie in the process. Zach immediately ran to the other guys, and they made a new plan: Nicole would put up Frankie and Caleb, and Caleb would throw the BoB competition.

Caleb did indeed throw the competition by completely sitting on the sidelines, and forcing Frankie to compete on his own against Zach and Donny. At first, Donny and Zach were unquestionably winning, but Frankie slowly caught up. In the last few seconds, Frankie managed to win, all by himself, dethroning Nicole and putting Zach and Donny on the block.

After a bit of yelling between him and Zach (seriously RIP, Zankie), he declared that it was time to regain some trust in the house…by revealing his family secret. We don't quite see how that will help, but we're certainly curious to see if that big reveal will have as big of an effect as Frankie is expecting it to have. It would be sort of funny if everyone in this house has been way too busy studying Big Brother to have any idea who Ariana Grande even is. 

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Guidices got some chickens and Dina went on a date with a firefighter, but the real drama of the night was the continuation last week's hair-pulling fight. Even the guys had it out this week as Joe Gorga got mad at Jim for calling him dumb, and Jim threatened to sue. Nicole just wanted Amber to confess to making up lies, and Dina and Teresa just wanted to know why Jim was being so rude about the Guidices. He went on about how he prosecutes mortgage fraud and they're being prosecute for mortgage fraud, blah blah blah, and Dina chewed him out.

Nicole forbade Bobby from ever seeing Amber again, which was difficult for him since he's best friends with Jim. So of course, Bobby immediately went to Amber and Jim's to return a hat, and they immediately started in on him about supporting Nicole and being an idiot. Bobby got upset, and they essentially decided that their friendship was over. While Bobby assured Nicole that he has her back, Amber tried to get Melissa to admit that what had happened was her fault. Melissa was not so into that, but suggested a sit-down with Nicole. Amber was not so into that, but of course, previews for next week show otherwise. 

Witches of East End: We finally have an explanation for Ingrid's sex monster! After doing a ritual to free Victor's spirit, Joanna sensed an evil presence, which she identified as the Mandragora – a native Asgardian creature. With help from Joanna's friend/former lover Alex, we found out that the Mandragoras find mates to feed off of through sex, and that if the creature dies, their mate does too, which is certainly not good news for Ingrid. Alex nearly killed the thing, but Joanna made the bullet hit the mandragora's arm instead.  

Elsewhere, in an attempt to distract herself from her father's death, Freya made a potion to remember every past life encounter with Killian, and discovered that Dash got in their way every single time. She also discovered that she was once addicted to magic drugs Apparently, Freya and Killian are literally star-crossed lovers who are never actually meant to be together. Dash, meanwhile, seems to be dying after saving the life of a boy who died from cancer. Instead of allowing the boy to die, like Ingrid asked him to do, he decided another man, a thief who shot a police officer, deserved to die much more, meaning there are probably some consequences to be faced later.

Side note: We never knew how badly we needed a 70's flashback and subsequent dance sequence on this show. Thank you, Jenna Dewan

So what did you watch tonight? What do you think Eva put in Killian's drink? Who do you think is at fault for all this Real Housewives madness? Do you think Bill will survive to the final True Blood episode? Let us know in the comments!

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