Chris Martin

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Does Chris Martin sound like...a party girl?

New York's Z100 host Elvis Duran thinks so and told the Coldplay frontman this during their mostly tongue-in-cheek interview during the station's popular morning show Thursday.

The British rocker playfully quipped, "Party girl? Yeah, that's the name I use on YouTube when I'm commenting on Ariana Grande videos," resulting in Duran and the rest of his team exploding in laughter.

Speaking as his newly assumed alias PartyGirl69, Martin continued in an exaggerated little girl's voice "Well, I kinda like "Problem" better than the last one." Adding, "I think I like "Problem" better than "Break Free."

The comical crooner may have just been joking about his supposed YouTube comments, but after naming Grande's crowdpleasers without missing a beat, there's no denying he's very familiar with her music.

Citing eight-year-old son, Moses and 10-year-old daughter, Apple as his reasons for staying up-to-date with young pop stars, Martin explained "I have young children and we listen to all that stuff together. It's wonderful."

The "A Sky Full of Stars" singer is also a gifted songwriter who has penned hits for these same budding performers and established musicians alike. "Sometimes I like to try and write for Rihanna, just for fun. Sometimes she likes it, sometimes she doesn't."

And the Barbadian songstress declining Martin's lyrical suggestions doesn't bother him one bit. "Recently she liked one and didn't like the other," he disclosed.

Hanging his head in jest, the 37-year-old told the morning show crew he always responds with, "OK, OK, Ms. Fenty. Whatever you need." 

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