Kim Kardashian Reveals Plans for Second Baby While Kris Jenner Tries Marijuana—See the KUWTK Recap!

The Kardashians party at the Versace mansion

By Kamala Kirk Aug 11, 2014 2:01 AMTags
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On this Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, there is a lot going on: Khloé Kardashian asks Kourtney Kardashian to help decorate her new house, Scott Disick returns to his wild partying days at the Versace mansion in Miami, Kris Jenner tries marijuana for the first time and Kim Kardashian reveals plans for a second baby with Kanye West!

While Kim is busy signing copies of the recent Vogue that she and Kanye made the cover of, her sisters tease her relentlessly, which frustrates Kim because she feels that they aren't supportive of her.

Khloé has some big news of her own: she finally found a house!

But despite buying her dream house, Khloé has to get settled in and decorate, and the interior designer she met with is very expensive.

Kourtney happens to be extremely talented when it comes to decorating, which gives Khloé the idea that she'll save money by getting her sister's input on how to design her home.

Back at Kourtney and Scott's house, Kris stops by to give her mother M.J. a tour of the place.

M.J. is Kris's hero, having overcome breast cancer and colon cancer. What a strong woman!

As they chat, Kris is concerned to hear that her mother has been dealing with a lot of back pain these days. Kris starts to wonder how she can help her, which also gets Kris thinking about her own health.

Kourtney and Khloé have a surprise prepared for Kim because they want to prove to her that they're her biggest supporters.

They wait until Kris and Kim get home, where they jump out of a teepee and surprise their mom and sister!

Then they give Kim the surprise: her framed Vogue cover!

Kim is touched by the thoughtful gesture because it reminds her that her sisters do care about and support her!

The next day, Kourtney meets up with Khloé to go furniture shopping for her house.

But while in the car, a flying bug attacks them and causes both sisters to freak out!

At the furniture store, Kourtney starts snapping photos of different items that she wants to get for Khloé's place.

She also has a confession to make:

The next day, Kim joins her grandmother and Kris for lunch. As M.J. starts talking about the pain she experiences regularly, Kris starts thinking of ways to help alleviate her mother's pain.

After doing some research, Kris decides to visit a medical marijuana doctor because she heard that it is a popular method of pain relief.

Kris is amazed at how easy it is to get the recommendation and decides to get a prescription for her own neck pain as well!

Back at Khloé's house, she is shocked when Kourtney presents her with an expense report for services totaling $25,000!

Kourtney points out that she can't give her services away for free and even mentions that she's giving Khloé a good deal. Khloé thinks the whole thing is ridiculous since the reason she consulted her sister in the first place was to save money, but Kourtney refuses to let the issue go.

Kris heads to a pipe shop, which turns into a full-on shopping spree when she finds cute leopard-themed merchandise to buy for her mom—which includes a pipe and carrying case!

Back at Khloé's house, things get super awkward when Kourtney proceeds to reminder her sister again that she owes her a check!

When Khloé refuses to pay her, a furious Kourtney storms out of the house.

Meanwhile, Kris asks her mom how she feels about trying medical marijuana for her back pain.

M.J. surprises Kris by pulling out a bag of "special" gummy bears.

As it turns out, M.J. has her own prescription for medical marijuana and prefers to eat it as opposed to smoking it!

Khloé, Kourtney, Kim and Scott arrive in Miami for the opening of their newest Dash store and will be staying at the famous Versace mansion.

Scott jumps onto one of the gigantic beds!

The next day, while getting her hair and makeup done for the store's grand opening, Khloé is forced to listen to Kourtney's irritating remarks about her appearance.

Things are still tense between the two sisters, but they're forced to set aside their differences during the grand event, where they are interviewed and photographed by various press outlets.

Scott starts to drink and gets a lot friendlier as the night goes on. Here he is chatting up Fat Joe!

Back at home, Kris's mom invites her to join in for a relaxing marijuana session!

This is Kris' response:

Kris eats one of the marijuana-laced gummy bears...

One hour later, the two have the major munchies and are giggling uncontrollably on the couch. It's pretty obvious that they're both enjoying the effects!

Bruce Jenner stops by and is not pleased when he finds out what they've been up to.

Kris, on the other hand, wishes that Bruce would lighten up just a little bit.

Then after Bruce leaves, this happens:

Things start to get a little out of hand at the Versace mansion when Scott begins pounding the drinks with his buddies!

Then he goes to window and gets his fans all excited, causing a commotion that Kourtney and everyone else can hear from the dining room where they are having dinner.

Even when he comes to the dinner table, Scott acts a bit crazy and embarasses Kourtney to the point where she wants to leave.

Once Scott gets back to his room, he has some energy to burn:

Back in Los Angeles, Kim gives M.J. a tour of the house that she and Kanye are having built.

Kim shocks her grandmother when she announces that they are building another bedroom for a second baby, and she reveals that she's probably going to be pregnant by the time they move in.

In the meanwhile, Khloé gets a phone call from Lamar Odom. Khloe is frustrated because she is always there for him but he doesn't do the same for her.

Kourtney realizes all of the hard things that Khloé is going through and realizes that she needs to be there for her sister unconditionally.

The two proceed to make up and Kourtney offers to help Khloé with all of her decorating needs at no cost!

On next Sunday's episode, Khloé steps out with her new man French Montana and then all drama breaks loose when Lamar shows up!

Tune-in to the brand new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians next Sunday at 9/8c on E!