Dallas Mavericks' Chandler Parsons Talks Sex and Kendall Jenner on Chelsea Lately—Watch Now!

Find out if the basketball player is single

By Zach Johnson Aug 08, 2014 3:04 PMTags

What's going on between Chandler Parsons and Kendall Jenner?

The Dallas Mavericks player came clean about his relationship with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star on E!'s Chelsea Lately Thursday. After the duo went to dinner recently, rumors started to swirl that the athlete and the model were in the early stages of dating. "It's kind of a long story. I train with Gunnar Peterson here in L.A. She works out before me, so I kind of just got to know her, and then we had dinner. And the next thing I know I was on TMZ," Parsons said. "It was more of a group activity."

"It was an orgy," host Chelsea Handler joked.

Parsons is not dating Jenner—or anyone else, for that matter. "I do not have a girlfriend," he said.

According to Handler, Parsons, 25, should remain a bachelor for as long as possible. "My advice to you is to not get one for a while. You're an NBA player, so the propensity for you to get someone pregnant is very, very high," the comedienne said. "So, you don't want to do that right away. You want to have fun."

Handler got even more personal when she asked if Parsons abstains from sex when he's playing ball. "There's definitely some sort of penetration during the season," the jock said. "If it happens, it happens. I'm not going to change drastically what I'm doing just because I have a game. But, I get my rest."

Some basketball players worry that having sex will alter their performance on the court, but Parsons isn't one of them. As the athlete told the outgoing late-night host, "It doesn't really affect me, I guess."

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