Did you ever think Larry King would get high with Conan O'Brien?

The Larry King Now host, 80, and the Conan host, 51, did just that on TBS Wednesday. While discussing their mutual pal Snoop Dogg, whom King described as a "great guy," the Hulu personality said he "has a problem" with the rapper. "When you're with Snoop Dogg for any period of a time—just for a half-hour, let's say, you're interviewing him or walking around the room with him—he proves that you can get secondhand smoke, because you go home high," he said. O'Brien agreed, saying, "I've experienced this."

O'Brien teased the octogenarian over the slang terms he might've used for marijuana in his youth. "Back in the day, what did you call it?" he asked. "Jazz cigarettes? Did you ever score some wacky tobaccy?" King revealed that he "smoked it" a few times with his doctor. "I smoked it a few times. It was very enjoyable. I liked it. But then, I used to smoke a lot of cigarettes. Did you ever smoke? I smoked three packs a day. I had a heart attack in 1987, and the day I got the heart attack, I stopped smoking. That was many, many years ago, so I was afraid to ever go back to marijuana again because I thought if I smoked marijuana again, I'd go back to cigarettes. So, I never tried it again." O'Brien then suggested edible weed.

"I'm not a cookie man," King argued.

"What about a pot brownie?" O'Brien asked. "Have you had a pot brownie?"

As luck would have it, O'Brien had one under his desk. "It looks like you just picked that up off the floor," Richter said with a laugh. King eventually agreed to "take a bite," provided O'Brien and Richter did, too.

Richter didn't think there was any weed in the brownie ("Good cover," O'Brien joked), but when King started to sing, O'Brien giggled. "That's the highest I've ever seen anyone get so quickly," he joked.

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