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Man, Ariana Grande really chose a fantastic night to stop by the live Big Brother taping to cheer for her brother Frankie!

In Season 16's first double eviction, we lost two of the nicer players in the house, broke up a showmance, gained the first two members of the jury, and put the Detonators in power once again, while essentially splintering any other alliances in the house. Basically, tonight totally changed the game.

It really isn't that surprising that Jocasta's many weeks of being nominated for the block have finally caught up with her, but it was a little surprising when, at the last minute, everyone decided to keep Zach in the house. Jocasta amazingly didn't cry (she only does that when she's happy, apparently), but we did get a lovely slow clap from Zach as she made her way out of the house.

When Caleb won HoH and nominated Hayden and Donny for the second eviction, all our hopes and dreams sank a little further into their graves. Donny won the power of veto and obviously used it on himself, so Nicole stepped in as Caleb's replacement nominee. Only two people (including Donny!) voted to get rid of Nicole, so Hayden was the next person evicted from the house and the second member added to the jury. 

Nine players are left and anything could happen at this pointincluding, according to host Julie Chen, the return of one of the evicted jury members. We don't know how that's going to work, so for now, we've ranked only the remaining house guests based mostly on how deserved their win would be at the end of the game:

9. Victoria: Will not win. She survives by doing nothing except sassing the camera about what a great competitor she is and by always being put on the block next to actual threats. However, we would be thrilled to see her win accidentally somehow.  

8. Caleb: Probably won't win. Beast Mode Cowboy has been annoying from the start, especially when he got completely sidetracked into Crazytown by his "love" for Amber. He forgot to actually play the game, yet still believed he ran the house. In reality, he's just a cartoonish pawn for the Detonators.

7. Zach: Hopefully won't win. Zach's got no idea what's actually going on in the house and would probably go absolutely ballistic if he knew that most of his so-called alliance members were close to evicting him this week. We can't tell if any of his decisions are based on strategy or just insane rage.

6. Christine: Could possibly win. We're intrigued by the haphazard game she's playing. Her target is always changing and she's lying all over the place, turning all her alliances against her and then still managing to win them back. Can she confuse everyone enough to make it to the end?

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5. Nicole: Probably won't win, but we'd love it if she did. Nicole is smart was doing well, until the failure of her plan to get rid of Frankie. She's good, but Frankie's better, and that wrong move may have lost her the whole competition.

4. Cody: Could win. While his game has mostly consisted of doing whatever Derrick tells him to do, the Hitmen are the most promising alliance left in the house. If they do succeed at making it to the final two, it probably won't be because of anything Cody did, but he could end up in the jury's favor.

3. Donny: Could win. This guy totally has a plan. He's too smart to have been laying that low without knowing exactly what he's doing. He has no alliances at this point, but is that all a part of his thought-out strategy? Time will tell.

2. Frankie: Could absolutely win. We're not going to say he's laying low, but he kind of is. He's loud and obvious, but his moves in the house are not. He could last until the very end, especially considering how badly Nicole failed at trying to send him packing.

1. Derrick: If we had to crown a winner right now, it would be Derrick. We're fairly sure he's the nicest evil genius we've ever heard of, controlling nearly everyone without any of them realizing it, and he made a smart choice aligning himself with the harmless and lovable Cody. 

So what do you guys think? Did the right people go home tonight? What are your BB16 rankings? Let us know in the comments! 

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