Paul Kisses, Heather Tells

Paul McCartney spotted kissing another woman, as Heather Mills continues her ill-advised press tour

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As Heather Mills continues her reign of bad publicity, her estranged husband has been finding comfort in the arms of another woman.

Paul McCartney was photographed in the Hamptons last weekend, smooching Nancy Shevell, estranged wife of a prominent Nassau County attorney. 

Both Shevell and McCartney have homes in the Long Island resort.

According to Britain's Sun, the couple was spotted at a sushi restaurant in Amagansett and at an outdoor café. In one photo published by the tab, McCartney is shown embracing Shevell in the front seat of a car; in another, they are shown strolling the shoreline.

Shevell is a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board, to which she was appointed in 2001 by then-governor George Pataki. She is also a vice president of her family's business, New England Motor Freight, based in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

McCartney's rep said the 65-year-old former Beatle had no comment on the budding romance.

His estranged wife, on the other hand, had plenty to say.

"Paul is a free man and can do what he wants," Mills told Extra.

But she didn't stop there.

In her latest public tirade (the very sort that inspired her publicist to quit last month), Mills reiterated to Hello magazine that she resents McCartney's failure to protect her during their divorce proceedings.

"He won't talk or acknowledge anything ever. He just pretends everything doesn't go on," she said. "I've asked him to protect me for 18 months—he knows that I was suicidal but did nothing."

Mills also hints that she believes McCartney may have been feeding the press negative information about her, even though he has denied doing so.

"He swore on our daughter's life that he's never fed the media or his people one thing," she said. "I want to believe the father of my child, if I find it out to be different, I will be devastated."

Verbose as she's been as of late, Mills claims she's still withholding the full story behind her split.

"I'm still keeping quiet about the total truth, giving him a chance to help us move on and get out of this awful situation we have been put in," she said.

She indicated that she may have plenty to tell in the future—as long as McCartney doesn't succeed in silencing her.

"I want the freedom to be able to tell my story should I need to defend myself," Mills said. "I offered to Paul that if he protects me from the inevitable hatred I'll receive because I am a wife of a Beatle, I'll never say anything derogatory about him.

"He wants me to be gagged, and they won't give me a divorce until I'm gagged. So, I'm waiting for the two-year separation," she added.

In that case, she has only a few more months to go. McCartney and Mills announced their separation, initially pronounced "amicable," in May 2006.

McCartney filed for divorce two months later, citing Mills' "unreasonable behavior." Since then, the couple has tried and failed to reach a settlement.