Chris Pratt is giving a Cribs-style tour of his Guardians of the Galaxy spaceship!

In the funny video, the 35-year-old actor shows fans the ins and outs of his movie set ride, à la the famous MTV real estate show.

"Hey, how's it going? It's Chris Pratt on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy," Pratt says at the beginning of the clip, which is titled "Check the Milano Yo!" "I'm going to show you the Milano, Peter Quill's ship."

First, Pratt shows fans the common area. "As you can see, I keep it pretty filthy," Pratt says.

Pratt then shows off a fake touch-screen prop. "When you see me doing this in the movie, I'm picturing that I'm looking at my Twitter feed," he jokes.

Pratt makes fun of the famous Cribs lines while showing off his bedroom, adding, "This is where the magic happens." LOL!

Watch the funny video for yourself.

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