Justin Bieber, Bear

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Bears: They're just like us. Meaning that when they hear a Justin Bieber song, they immediately run in the other direction.

A fisherman is claiming that the Biebs actually saved his life when he was attacked by a bear while fishing in northern Russia.

According to Igor Vorozhbitsyn's story, he was walking toward his fishing spot when a bear suddenly pinned him to the ground. The 42-year-old then got the luckiest phone call in the world, because the sudden blasting of Justin's song "Baby" startled the bear so much that he fled.

We know what you're thinking. Why does a grown-ass man have a ringtone of a Justin Bieber song? And not one of the new "I'm trying to be a sexy R&B singer" songs? It was one of his pre-pubescent bubblegum pop songs.

Igor has a cover-up explanation for his odd choice of ringtone.

"I know that sort of ringtone isn't to everyone's taste, but my granddaughter loaded it onto my phone for a joke," Vorozhbitsyn told Central European News.

After the bear ran off, a nearby fisherman rescued Igor and he is currently recovering from cuts and bruising on his face and chest.

Idea! Maybe park rangers should look into adding Justin Bieber albums to their supplies along with their tranquilizer darts to fend off bear attacks. But then you run the risk of alienating actual humans at the parks.

Or! Maybe we should just capture Justin Bieber and for all his latest crimes (against the law and against humanity), he could serve one year as an official Bear Scarer Away-er. Keep him locked up and bring him out only if there is a bear attack. But then you run the risk of people running toward the bear and away from Justin Bieber.

Well, at the very least we found out that Bieber's music is good for something.

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