Nina Dobrev

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Looks like Nina Dobrev is rewriting the rules of the classic '80s hairstyle in a fashion-based format. With this wild Markus Lupfer top and conservative floral skirt, she's all party on top and business on the bottom. We're terrified when we think what this might look like as a haircut...

Unfortunately as an outfit, it's not much better.

The Final Girls star looks adorable in her bedazzled lips look (though word to the wise, green lipstick is not a thing), and we even love the flirty feel of the blue silk skirt paired with red-hot sandals. But their forces combined is just...weird.

Why not wear the edgy graphic with leather pants and open-toed booties? And we can definitely see that flowy bottom with a simple cream blouse. This just looks like the CW star went blindly into her closet and grabbed the first three things she saw, ending up as "Make it stop!" material in our book. How about yours?

Tune-in to an all new Fashion Police this Friday, 9/8c on E!

Nina Dobrev's Fashion Mullet
Do you love or hate Nina's double-themed look?
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