OITNB's Kate Mulgrew Gets Wonderful Revenge on Conan O'Brien After He "Almost Destroyed" Her Career

The Emmy nominee had a bone to pick with the talk show host

By Chris Harnick Aug 05, 2014 2:27 PMTags
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Conan O'Brien hosted the cast of Orange Is the New Black and came face-to-face with his mortal enemy Kate Mulgrew. Well, maybe they're not arch-enemies, but Mulgrew had a bone to pick with the Conan host. It all goes back to 15 years ago…(Insert flashback waves and noises here).

"Fifteen years ago you almost destroyed my career," the Emmy nominated Mulgrew told O'Brien. "In front of millions, you forced me to perform an Irish jig!"

Mulgrew, who plays Red on the hit Netflix series and previously garnered legions of fans as Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager, slipped in and out of her Orange Is the New Black character while facing off with the talk show host.

"I'm looking at you Conan…This is my look. It is an arrow…It can either liberate or kill," she told him.

Mulgrew got her revenge on O'Brien and had the host perform his own jig to the delight of her costars Jason Biggs, Natasha Lyonne, Taylor Schilling and Uzo Aduba.

"What goes around comes around," she said with a slight hint of Red's Russian accent. "Now it's your time to pay. Get up and do the dance."

O'Brien also got style advice from Laverne Cox in character as Orange Is the New Black's Sophia Burset. Cox, who is also up for an Emmy alongside Mulgrew, Schilling, Lyonne and Aduba, jokingly praised O'Brien for being a transgender talk show host.

"I don't know who did that wig for you, but you need to get your money back," Cox sasses in character. She continued, "Are you married to this whole style thing you've got going here?"

"I've had my hair like this for 30 years," O'Brien said.

"You need to understand you are turning off a huge segment of the demographic that you could be reaching. People are scared of clowns! OK? I'm scared just looking at you. Bozo two-point-no, OK?"