Mirren, Mirren on the wall: Is this the best Tonight Show bit of them all?

Jimmy Fallon asked Helen Mirren a series of questions during Monday's episode. Ever a good sport, Mirren played the all-knowing Magic Mirror, while her comedic counterpart played a curious prince.

What does the Hundred-Foot Journey actress think about Fifty Shades of Grey? "Well, whips and chains are not my style," the movie star revealed. "But who doesn't love a jolly good spanking once in a while?"

Fallon also asked the Academy Award winner to reveal her favorite movie and dream job, a well as her sandwich order at Subway. "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, what do you think of legalizing marijuana?" he asked. "Marijuana is legal and that is a fact," she said, "so now let's elect Rob Ford and legalize crack."

After Mirren, 69, "changed out of that horrible costume," she helped Fallon celebrate his 100th episode of The Tonight Show—but not before critiquing his performance in the silly "Mirren, Mirren" segment.

"You sound like an Australian pantomime dame," she told the former Saturday Night Live standout. "Do you know what a pantomime dame is? It's a guy who dressed up as a woman and does a show at Christmastime for the kids, and they always kind of talk [in a screechy voice] like this." Fallon claimed he was "going for the royal vibe" since Mirren has "spent a lot of time" with royalty. "I don't spend a lot of time with royalty," Mirren insisted. In fact, she said, she "could not remember" what she said when she met Queen Elizabeth II, whom she portrayed in 2006's The Queen. "When you meet the Queen, almost everyone gets it. You get this thing I call 'queen-itis,' which is like a terrible virus that suddenly hits you the minute you're in front of the Queen. You start saying weird things like, 'Oh, it's terribly good fun, wasn't it?' and 'Frightfully nice to meet you, ma'am.' This weird voice comes out. She's so used to it."

"You get sort of paralyzed and you can't remember what the hell you said," she added. "It's very weird."

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