Demi Lovato, Instagram


Demi Lovato had some fun earlier today by posting several photos of herself swimming and playing with stingrays on a recent summer trip.

The singer posted an Instagram video first with the caption, "That one time I was swimming under the glass in my bungalow……And got sucked away by the current…."

The clip shows the 21-year-old singer playing around in the ocean in an orange print bikini (with her flawless bikini body, by the way!) with relaxing music on in the background.

Lovato swims around for several seconds before she realizes that the current is pulling her to the bottom right side of the frame, and she jokingly makes a scared face for the camera.

She's hilarious, what can we say?!

Then in a later shot, the "Really Don't Care" songstress is seen swimming up to a group of stingrays.

"Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Mr. Stingray (btw - that was just ONE of about 20 I was swimming with) more coming soon," she wrote.

But it was her third photo that was probably the cutest of them all: a pic of her getting ready to smooch one the stingrays!

Lovato is shown puckering up with a snorkel on her head as the sea creature makes its way towards the former Disney darling.

And don't worry, Lovato already knew that her pretend PDA would catch everyone's attention.

"I mean... We practically made out," she shared with her nearly 6 million fans.

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