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By Kristin Dos Santos Aug 05, 2014 1:00 PMTags
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Hooray, it's Tuesday, the best day of the week!

Disclaimer: It's not. But it is time for Spoiler Chat, which we actually really love doing. So that's…Something?

You know how this works: You TV fans ask the questions (via Twitter, Facebook  or carrier pigeon), and we go straight to the source for answers.

Read on for the latest TV scoop on Pretty Little Liars, Sons of Anarchy, The Following, Outlander (swoon for days!), The 100, Supernatural and more...

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Lauren D.: Got any scoop to share on Pretty Little Liars?
Spoby fans, come on in for a hug. No, really, momma is here for you. Ahhhh... So now that I've taken you to a place of sweet, sweet peace, I'll break the news gently that Spencer is getting what sure sounds like a new love interest. I may be wrong! Hope I am. Could be purely platonic, but then again…Have you seen PLL? Here are the facts:  The Normal Heart's Will Bradley has been cast as a new character that Spencer will be spending some time with in Rosewood this season. He's a painter named Johnny Raymond who is cute, edgy and charismatic. I'm told he will first appear in episode 15 (set to air in 2015), and will be sticking around for a little bit (at least three episodes, we're hearing), mostly interacting with our brainiest Liar. Toby, time to up your game, my friend!

Eric: I know it's still far away, but do you have any scoop on The Following?
Lucky for you, we're one degree from Kevin Bacon. (Brim shot!) "This season we're going to see Ryan Hardy really and truly happy," Bacon himself reveals. And you know what's making him happy? A new love interest! "What we know about Ryan's new girlfriend is that they're happy together," Bacon explains. "She is a doctor and we're living together. She has a daughter. So I'm actually trying to experience some domesticity. Along with this inner struggle to pull myself together I'm also taking on a pretty giant adjustment being a dad." Break out those World's Best Dad mugs!


Free2beG: Saw your tweet about Outlander....welcome to the club! I have seen episode one online. Where does it go from there?
It's a slow burn, and you need to be patient, but the show is GORGEOUS and impeccably well done, and I am so in. The tension/action really ratchets up by the end of episode 6, to the point where I was literally hunched over into a ball watching it with one eye open. I hope you will all take the journey with me when it officially premieres this Saturday on Starz! You can watch the first episode here right now. And we'll have interviews and exclusives all season long!

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 Kelli: Dreading the final season of Parenthood, just because I don't want to say bye to the Bravermans! Please  tell me Joel and Julia will be OK, my heart can't handle the idea of them not ending up together.
As if Joel and Julia haven't already been through enough, the couple will be tested once again in the final season when her ex-boyfriend from law school reappears in her life.  I've exclusively learned that Coby Ryan McLaughlin, best known for his time on Graceland and The Secret Life of the American Teenager, is set to recur as Chris, said ex-BF and latest marriage obstacle, and will first appear in the season premiere. Can't these two (and us!) catch a break?!

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Sarah: Supernatural. Now.
Well, since you asked so nicely (you didn't). If you're worried that Sam and Dean are going to spend a full season fighting and hating each other like last season, you are…incorrect, madame! Even though Dean's a demon now (we still can't get over those chill-inducing black eyes from the season nine finale…) Jared Padalecki promises that Sam's resolve to find and help his brother is unwavering. "I think seeing his brother as a demon will actually stiffen his resolve since he knows that it wasn't his brother's choice," Padalecki reveals. "When Sam finds out—and he does find out—he doesn't think it's Dean's fault. He doesn't know if it's the Mark of Cain, or Crowley, or something else entirely but when he sees what's happened with his brother, he feels as if someone has wronged his brother and it steels his resolve to fix things." Now that's the Sam Winchester we all know and love!

Tom: I know everyone's into "Linctavia" on The 100, but I'm still holding out hope for Jasper and Octavia to get back together. Is there any hope for the original couple?
Sorry to break your heart Tom, but it looks like Linctavia is here to stay now that Octavia's on the run with Lincoln. In fact, Lincoln is doing everything he can to transform his girlfriend into a Grounder once and for all, including teaching her the language of his people (and you thought studying a foreign language in high school was hard...). "The Grounders have their own language, which is a Creole English that has evolved over three generations," executive producer Jason Rothenberg says. "We hired the guy who does the languages for Game of Thrones to write it for us. The reason we've heard some of them speak English is because the warriors speak it because it's the language of their enemies, like Anya, Lincoln and Tristan. When they go home, we're going to start to hear this language. Lincoln is actually teaching Octavia how to speak it so she can pass as one of them." But don't worry too much about Jasper, because he won't be pining after Octavia for too long. He's going to find himself crushing on a new girl soon, and we can promise that this one won't be stolen by a sexy, tattooed Grounder.  

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Samantha: Debra Messing and Mariska Hargitay are my favorite celeb BFFs. Now that they're both detectives on NBC, will they get some screen time together?
I don't want to burst any bubbles, but…maaaaybe. Messing plays Detective Laura Diamond in The Mysteries of Laura, and the first episode makes a reference to Law & Order: SVU being a TV show. However, that doesn't mean a crossover can't happen. "In the world of TV, anything is possible," Messing explains. While the two shows are "very different" in terms of tone, Messing would be down to cross paths with Hargitay's Olivia Benson. "She's my best friend, I've been on her show before. I'm game for anything if it's done with finesse."

Christina: Update me on my favorite TV couple: NCIS: LA's Deeks and Kensi!
If the characters had time for Facebook, their statuses would definitely be: It's Complicated. "There's a lot of love between these characters, whether they've established it as being a romantic love or sexual tension or friendship or brotherly and sisterly love," Daniela Ruah spills. "There's obviously a really strong connection between these characters and we'll have to keep watching the build or destruction of the relationship." Translation: Prepare for more will-they-or-won't-they goodness.

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Matthew C.: I can't believe Sons of Anarchy is actually ending. I am excited and sad to see what's ahead for the club.
La La La La La
!  Did you just put the words "Sons of Anarchy" and "ending" together? We don't do that around these parts, you heathen! But since you already struck the nerve, yes, we do have this message from creator Kurt Sutter on what to expect in the final (sob, hiccup, sob) season: "What I love about this season is that it sort of goes back in an interesting way to season one in that there's a deep bond and even though Jax is on this bloody path, there is no voice of dissention," creator Kurt Sutter explains. "They may be worried, they may have doubts, but everyone is containing them because they don't want to undermine what it is he knows he has to do." (Bonus scoop/warning: Make sure you are not eating during the premiere's opening and closing scenes. Seriously. Jax is not holding back this season in his quest for revenge.)

Fernanda: Davina has become such a little badass on The Originals! What can we expect to see for New Orleans' best witch next season?
A much stronger (and funnier!) Davina, which we are so down with. "It's really cool to see little Davina completely controlling him," Danielle Campbell teased of Davina and Mikael's buddy sitcom-esque dynamic in season two. "They have a lot of banter. It's just fun. Davina is just completely sarcastic with him and doesn't care about anything he's saying." But he won't be the only new guy in her life as Davina is getting a new love interest. "There's a lot to feel out with it, so she's taking her time," Campbell said of the young witch's slow-burn of a new romance with a certain Teen Wolf guest star.

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Paula: My Chicago-loving heart is in need of some serious scoop.
How about a romance update? Could there be more for Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) across Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire? "We'll see…It seems that the fans love it and what the fans want, the fans get," Bush teases. "They're the ones we make it for." Hello! Why can't every show write every storyline this way forever and over? Oh yeah, ‘cause that's called Fan Fiction.

Jeffrey: OK, Mom is seriously the most underrated comedy on TV. How are people not watching it?!
We totally agree as the show made us cry tears of laughter and sadness by the end of season one, something that will most likely be happening in season two as well. After running into money troubles, the family is "basically homeless the first half of the season," Sadie Calvano reveals. And Violet also will be dealing with the difficult decision to give up her baby for adoption in the finale. "You can expect to see Violet and her family really deal with the ramifications of that decision," Calvano said. BRB, stocking up on tissues.

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