Genevieve Lacaze

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Sometimes you gotta live in the moment, right?

That's precisely what Australian athlete Genevieve LaCaze did at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony in Glasgow's Hamden Park over the weekend.

The steeplechase star couldn't stop herself from jumping on stage and boogying down with backup dancers during Kylie Minogue's performance.

The audience cheered as LaCaze—who stood out during the performance in a bright green sweater—waved her arms and pranced around.

It only took minutes before security guards rushed to escort her off the stage.

LaCaze has since spoken out about the incident, and explained to her fans that she got caught up in the excitement partly due to the fact that it was her 25th birthday and that Games volunteers were encouraging her.

"I'm a bit shy and I'm not one to break the rules," LaCaze told local Aussie media outlets.

"I'm the one who worries about the consequences before taking the chance of doing something a little bit rebellious, but I thought, ‘It's my 25th birthday.'

She continued, "I don't know, I find 25 a number where you're becoming an adult really, and I thought maybe one more childish act was in me."

During the night's proceedings, it was announced that the 2018 Games were going to be held in her hometown.

LaCaze took to Twitter to address the incident once again, saying, "Apologies to anyone I may have offended last night. Just passionate about #GamesOnGoldCoast @GC2018 #HomeTown" 

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