This Couple Did a Newborn Photo Shoot, but With Their Dog Instead of a Baby

Jan and Chase Renegar took the usual cliché pics with their puppy Snuggles

By Jenna Mullins Aug 04, 2014 9:19 PMTags
Snuggles Newborn photoshootCourtesy of Jamie Clauss

See?! Lots of people treat their pets like children! So who's the weirdo cat lady now, mom?!

Jan and Chase Renegar, a married couple from Atlanta, wanted to do a newborn baby photoshoot after admiring the work of their photographer neighbor, Jamie Clauss. The only problem is that they were missing something very essential: an actual human baby.

But what they did have was their adorable dog, Snuggles, so they improvised and delivered the most adorable take on the cliché "new parents and their baby" photoshoot.

Courtesy of Jamie Clauss

Jamie, who owns Count It Joy Photography, got all the usual shots:

-Mom hugging baby
-Dad hugging baby
-Baby in a basket
-Baby sleeping
-Mom, dad and baby's feet

Courtesy of Jamie Clauss

Those poses are all there, but the photos are better because they include a Jack Russell terrier! And Snuggles apparently got really comfortable in front of the camera. (By the way, is Snuggles not the cutest name for a pet?)

"We didn't know how it would go, but she was snoring and happy through every minute of it," Jamie said to Redbook. "It worked out perfectly.".

Courtesy of Jamie Clauss

And while there are probably some of you out there who are already scrolling down to the comments to talk about how treating your pet like a human is weird, you should know that Jan and Chase, who are also photographers, are well aware of the ridiculousness of the photo shoot. That was the point.

"It's funny because all these commenters are like, ‘Dogs shouldn't be people.' That's the joke! That's the point," Jan, who hopes to have a baby someday, told Buzzfeed. "That's the funny part, is that this is how people really do treat their animals."

Courtesy of Jamie Clauss

'Scuse us. We have to run home and get our two cats camera ready.  Because there is now nothing we want more in this world than a photo of us holding both our cats wrapped up in blankets while we look down adoringly at them.