Kristen Stewart, New Hair

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, China Foto Press

R.I.P, Kristen Stewart's orange hair. You had a good run.

The 24-year-old Twilight actress was rocking some tangerine hair for the entire summer, but now she's back to brunette.

Kristen dyed her hair bright orange for her role in American Ultra back in April, and then she continued to rock a slightly washed-out orange hue even after filming wrapped.

She even kept the Creamsicle color when she chopped her hair to just-above-chin length back in July.

But on Saturday at a press appearance in Tokyo for her latest movie Equals, K.Stew debuted her original, natural hair color. She styled her hair in a wet look, slicked back and to the side.

As for her choppy, long pixie cut? She's still rocking her short length.

The "shaggy pixie" seems to be a summer trend, with Scarlett Johansson stepping out last week sporting an above-the-chin length cut, just slightly shorter than Kristen's new look.

Do you like Kristen's back-to-brunette hair color? Or do you miss the tangerine days?

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