In news that is shocking to no one, Once Upon a Time's "Hot Sheriff" Jamie Dornan is…hot! 

Or rather, "pretty sexy."

That's what we gathered after chatting with Dornan's former costars about the recenty released Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, which features Dornan in the lead role.

 Watch the video above!

"Mr. Dornan's sexy!" OUAT's Prince Charming Josh Dallas declared definitively. "I can't wait to see the movie. I'll be the first one there." 

"It's pretty sexy!" Lana Parilla blushed. "I saw a different side to Jamie."

We OUAT fans had heard rumblings that there were plans at some point to bring Dornan back to the ABC show (the producers said that plan was derailed for the most recent season), and Jennifer Morrison says they're still hoping he'll return at some point.

"We're still good friends and obviously Jamie has quite the schedule," Jennifer told me. "But we're hoping that someday there will be a moment where he's available to come back and reprise some flashbacks of Sheriff Graham."

The only person on the OUAT cast who has not seen the Fifty Shades trailer yet? Jennifer, who of course was romantically linked to Jamie's character on the ABC show. We feel you, girl. Too painful to see your hot Sheriff in another woman's arms…Or S&M contraptions, as the case may be? Or, you know, maybe you've just been too busy being the prettiest girl alive.

Still, she's doing OK, since her character Emma Swan is finally going on a real date with Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) in the season premiere. And the chemistry is cracking.

"One of the many things that Eddie and Adam have done an incredible job of is casting people with chemistry," Jennifer told me. "I mean, two of them got married and had a baby in real life. I loved working with Jamie, I loved working with Michael Raymond James, I love working with Colin. We all have had chemistry in three very different ways and three very effective ways. Somehow they just have a really good sense of how to pair people up and how their energy is going to vibe off of each other."

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