Guardians of the Galaxy: Director James Gunn's Twitter Q&A With E!

Marvel's newest hit is set to take in over $70 million opening weekend! We talk with Guardians helmer about the success of the movie, Black Widow vs. Gamora, and more

By Nicole Pirshafiey Aug 01, 2014 10:24 PMTags
Guardians of the Galaxy, James GunnKarwai Tang/WireImage; Marvel

How lucky were we to be able to pick James Gunn's brain on the day Guardians of the Galaxy opens in theaters?!

We asked our Twitter followers what they wanted to know about the movie, and the Marvel director was kind enough to answer all of our burning questions: from that random(ly hilarious) character in the post-credits scene to the killer music in the film, we got the skinny straight from the director himself!

Here's what he had to say:

Of course we had to ask about the film's amazing soundtrack: we've had "Hooked On a Feeling" stuck in our head since the trailer came out

We're not the only ones buzzing about that random post-credits end-scene cameo. Gunn explains his choice to end the movie on that note:

Pop quiz, hot shot: Who would win in a fight between Zoe Saldana's Gamora and Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow in The Avengers?! No contest, says Gunn:

So what can we expect from the sequel Marvel announced at Comic-Con? We are ALL ABOUT this hint at casting additions!

Spoiler alert: We're going to need to watch the movie at least five more times to catch all the hilarious nods. And they were definitely intentionally, according to Gunn:

How do you pick the best line in a movie full of zingers? It's nearly impossible, but we tend to agree with Gunn's answer (he did co-write it, after all):

And without further ado, the rest of the highlights from our Guardians of the Galaxy Q&A!

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Don't forget: Guardians  of the Galaxy opens in theaters today! Trust us, you do not want to want be the last one to see this! Get those tickets while the gettin's good!

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