On the season 2 premiere of #RichKids of Beverly Hills the #RichKids are taking over China!

Dorothy Wang invites her friends Morgan StewartBrendan FitzpatrickRoxy Sowlaty and Jonny Drubel to go to China with her for the opening ceremonies of her father's new retail center, the largest in the world!

#RK Clip, Mall

Once in China, Jonny realizes that he forgot to bring pimple cream. Uh-oh!

But Dorothy reassures him that she will save the day! Since their hotel is above the mall her dad owns, she explains, "It's closed, but I could probably get it to open."

Watch the above clip to see what Dorothy and Jonny do when they have the entire mall to themselves!

Tune-in for an all-new season of #RichKids of Beverly Hills this Sunday at 10/9c on E!

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