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If someone eats a burrito but doesn't post about it to their Facebook status, did it ever really happen?

Yeah, it actually did happen but what's the point if you can't tell your 329 Facebook friends that it was "like, soooo good?" That was the horrid situation users of the social media site had to endure on Friday, as Facebook was down around the world for many users.

It got ugly on that other social media site, which is where people went to complain, obviously:

In a word(s), it was sheer panic:

Oh, apparently Instagram was down, too.

Some people celebrated the fact that Facebook wasn't working. We call those people heathens: 

And then there were the people who bragged about not caring about the Facebook outage because they deleted their Facebook weeks/months ago or they have something they call "lives." Gross.

And then there was this:

We don't really understand the stock market, but that all sounds pretty brutal.

#NeverForget: Facebook Blackout Friday. 

Now you can tell your grandchildren about the time your survived not being able to comment on your friends' status about how they are finally watching Breaking Bad for the first time.

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