Julia Roberts and Jimmy Fallon had a ball—and took several of them to the face—last night on the Tonight Show!

Why, you wonder? Well, the Normal Heart star and the late-night host played "Face Balls," a game where they each threw inflatable balls of varying sizes at each other's faces. That was great, sure, but the real fun was watching the slow motion playback of Julia and Jimmy's faces as the balls hit!

Because Julia "is our guest," Jimmy let her throw the first ball at his face. She asked laughingly, "Are you fully insured?" He reassured her yes, and while she pre-apologized, the 46-year-old actress stepped forward and hurled that ball at Jimmy's face.

"You didn't have to throw it so hard!" said Jimmy, cracking up at the slow-motion playback of his face getting squished by the clear ball. "You flattened my nose! My face crumpled!"

The late-night host got his revenge on Julia, though!  "I feel bad doing it," he admitted, saying, "You're America's Sweetheart! I love you! I love having you on the show—please come back! I'm sorry!"

That didn't stop him, though, from getting in a good throw to Julia's face! After that, he whipped out a new, noticeably larger ball, noting that yes, indeed, "the balls are bigger now!"

"There are so many jokes, it's giving me a headache," Julia lamented. Jimmy agreed, saying, "Make your own jokes!"

Julia then took her turn, hurling a ball at the late-night host's face. "I think I'm better handling big balls," she exclaimed, then joked, "This is like the comedy version of Fifty Shades of Grey."

Oh my. Well, Julia was willing to take one of the bigger balls straight to the face, telling Jimmy, "I'm going to try to be ready..." And the Tonight Show host showed no mercy on America's sweetheart! The slow motion playback of Julia's face contorting every whichaway—especially her lips—is something you need to see. Seriously, watch it now, and the rest of Julia and Jimmy's game of "Face Balls!"

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